1983: The Love Tour: Australia & New Zealand


A long flight from London to Alice Springs didn't seem to have had any effect on the Princess of Wales as she stood on the runway holding Prince William in her arms on Sunday March 20th 1983 for the start of her 6 week Australian tour with the Prince of Wales. 

1987: Taking The Portuguese By Storm


Prince Charles and Princess Diana's first glimpse of Lisbon was a sea of inside-out ruined umbrellas in the bedraggled crowd of photographers trying to stand upright in a howling gale. 

1983: For 16 Glorious Spring Days: Royal Colors Over Canada


Canada was familiar territory to the Prince of Wales, the June 1983 tour was his seventh visit in 13 years, but he had never known a greeting like this. Months of primping had gone into preparing Halifax for the first step on Canadian soil by a Princess of Wales. "We want Di", chanted the crowds.

1991: Pakistan: First Solo For An Independent Royal


Pakistan was Princess Diana's first major solo tour, and she took it 'by storm' reported the High Commissioner to the Foreign Secretary in 1991. This success cleared the way for her to begin her career as a world wide force for good and a great ambassador for Britain.

1985: When In Rome: The Italian Tour


The Prince and Princess of Wales visited Italy in 1985 on their first official tour of a country outside the Commonwealth. The tour was an undoubted success beginning in Sardinia on 19 April and ending in Venice on 5 May. 

1986 - 1989: Diana Of Arabia: The Gulf States Tours


On the evening of 12 March 1989, the Prince and Princess of Wales flew into Kuwait on an aircraft of the Queen's Flight, at the start of their Gulf Tour.

1992: Five Days In Egypt: The Land Of Pharaohs


A mixture of diplomatic courtsey and sightseeing, the official five-day tour of Egypt in 1992 was a triumph for Princess Diana and gave the photographers an exciting range of backdrops. The princess was invited by Egypt's First Lady Suzanne Mubarak.

1985: The American Tour: A Dynasty Special


Princess Diana's first visit to the land of opportunity turned into a monster soap opera publicity stunt. Her appearances were behind closed doors, for America's preoccupation with security left Diana with no real chance of "pressing the flesh" of the real American public.

1986: Touring The Empire of Sun


In May 1986, Prince Charles and Princess Diana visited Japan. When the 6 day tour approached, the country was in fever of excitement. The royal couple arrived after a 13 hour flight from Canada.

1992: India Tour: A Royal Fairytale Close To The End


The India tour of February 1992 proved to be the turning point in the royal couple's relationship. The poignant photograph at the "Monument of Love" signalled that Diana and Charles were drifting apart. They announced their separation nine months later.