In May 1986, Prince Charles and Princess Diana visited Japan. When the 6 day tour approached, the country was in fever of excitement. The royal couple arrived after a 13 hour flight from Canada. To compliment her hosts, the Princess of Wales wore a dress that was printed with the rising sun symbol when she flew in.


After a day off to rest, the royal couple were launched into an arduous scheduled, in which Princess Diana carried out 29 engagements, often being in duty up to 12 hours a day. At Nija Castle in Kyoto, she watched a traditional tea ceremony, then poured a cup for her husband. Afterward, Princess Diana was presented with a $40,000 silk kimono. And as part of her humanitarian work, the Princess of Wales visited the Red Cross Infants Home for Disabled Children in Tokyo.


The royal couple's busy schedule also included a parade at the Aoyama street in Tokyo, a visit to the Japanese Gardens, a dinner at a traditional Japanese restaurant in Kyoto, where they were served with sushi and used chopsticks to eat their meal, a visit to Akasaka Palace, a dinner at the British Embassy in Tokyo, a visit to a traditional Japanese tea house, where the Princess was required to leave her shoes at the door as custom dictates, to watch a demonstration of Ikebana, a tour at Nissan Car Factory, and a visit to the Japanese Parliament, where Prince Charles addressed the MPs.


One of the main official visits the royal couple made was to the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, where Emperor Hirohito held a state banquet on their honor. Princess Diana wore an elegant blue gown with a matching headband. Stylist Yuki prepared her for the banquet.



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