Speaking Out


Public speaking or broadcasting was always an ordeal for Diana. At first, she was terrified, but she worked hard to overcome her nerves and disadvantages and give her speeches more impact. 


The Princess of Wales was rather like a star of silent films. Like them, she was seen, admired and adored in still photographs or on the screen, smiling, waving, looking beautiful and being gracious, but there was no soundtrack. Only a few people who had heard Diana giving a speech in public knew how she sounded and whether, like some stars of the silent screen, her voice seemed at odds with the way she looked.

The Making Of A Grand Day


A wealth of history and sheer hard work by many people behind the scenes made July 29 a day that will never be forgotten.


When other royals got married, no one treated their wedding dresses as fashion statements, until the young Lady Diana Spencer became a headline-making royal bride and was soon the focus of intense fashion interest. British designers had been longing for a royal subject of Diana's kind for years, and though she seemed a bit uncertain at first, they sensed that here was the young woman who would lead royalty back into the fashion spotlight.

Princess Diana's Pregnancy: Never Before Revealed Details Of Her Sons' Birth


Charles and Diana's first official engagement together as a married couple was in Wales in October 1981. Diana did not even look her best. The Princess was pregnant, though the world would not know it until the following month, on 5 November 1981.


It was all smiles and congratulations at the news of the royal baby. A beloved Princess, who so loved children, was going to have one of her own and produce an heir to the throne. 

The Untold Story Of The Royal Honeymoon


Less than 12 hours after the royal wedding, Prince Charles slipped the matrimonial hook and went fishing, alone. He left his bride in the Portico Room in their lace-canopied king sized, feather filled four-poster and headed for the River Test, which ran through the 600 acre Broadlands Estate, their honeymoon hideaway in Hampshire.


"He didn't have much luck. There were no salmon," said water bailiff Bernard Aldridge, the man who gave away the Prince's slightly selfish attitude towards his new wife. It was two hours before he returned to the Portico Room at Broadlands, once the stately home of the late Lord Louis Mountbatten.

Princess Diana's Glittering Jewels And Wardrobe


Diana had very little jewellery of her own when she became engaged to Charles. Elaborate pieces of the royal kind did not fit her pre-marriage lifestyle. But within a short while that was to change completely. And throughout her brief life; Diana supported many British designers, especially the Emanuels, Arabella Pollen, Bruce Oldfield, Amanda Wakeley, Murray Arbeid, Gina Fratini and Catherine Walker.


She placed British fashion, with its traditions of classic tailoring for day and romantic evening wear, in the international spotlight.

The Royal Beauty Secrets: Fitness Routines, Favourite Diets And Makeup Tips 


When she became Prince Charles’s fiancée, no one could reasonably have called Diana fat. A little plump maybe, but then she seemed to be still at the 'puppy fat' stage. Size 14 for a girl of her height was not out of the ordinary. Had Diana remained just another pretty girl, size 14, would probably have done very well.


But as soon as she became the fiancée of the next king, Diana was set to be a public figure who would be putting herself on constant show. Diana, therefore, began a campaign to get herself into shape for the job that awaited her.

The Support Team


Solitude was rare for royals. Ladies-in-waiting were in constant attendance. Diana had detectives and bodyguards to protect her. She found this irksome at times, yet made many friends this way. One of the hardest lessons Diana had to swallow when she became a member of the Royal Family was that she would be constantly watched, constantly accompanied and very rarely left alone.


Given the threats and dangers facing public celebrities and royals most of all, it could not be any other way. Royals were a target. Royals had to be protected. This was an occupational hazard of the royal job.

The Princess's Travels And Official Tours


Joining the firm, or the royal family, doesn't mean that a royal member should obey the protocols only, but also take in mind the main duties that should be practiced as well. Each member of the royal family owns a busy schedual. The queen herself has more than 300 official duties every year. Among them are her official tours abroad.


Diana, Princess of Wales, had a similar busy schedual too. She didn't only accompany her husband, the Prince of Wales, on official visits, but also represented her country through her talented ambassador skills.

The Dresses Auction: Sequins Save Lives


On June 25th, 1997, seventy nine of Princess Diana's gowns went up for auction at Christie's in New York City.


It was one of the greatest social events of the year, and was featured in all the major newspapers and many magazines. 


In fact, the idea of selling the gowns for charity was of Diana's eldest son; Prince William of Wales, to raise money for the Royal Marsden Hospital Cancer Fund and the AIDS Crisis Trust.

Charles & Diana: 'Whatever Love Means'


Diana knew that she had lost her contest with Camilla Parker Bowles for Charles's love and undivided attention. She knew that she could have beaten off the other woman and retained Charles's love if only she had not been so young and inexperienced.


"If I have been, say 25 instead of 19, when engaged to Charles, I would have been wise enough to see off Camilla. Keeping myself tidy with almost no experience of men until Charles, had put me at a devastating disadvantage," Diana told her friend, Roberto Devorik, an Argentinean fashion entrepreneur. 

Bulimia: The Princess's Private Battle


In the considerable wake of newspaper reports about "the tormented mind of a princess" and allegations about her bulimia, Princess Diana put the matter to rest in a speech to charity workers.


"Ladies and gentlemen, you are very lucky to have your patron here today.  I am supposed to have my head down the loo for most of the day. I am supposed to be dragged off the minute I leave here by men in white coats. If it is all right with you, I thought I would postpone my nervous breakdown to a more appropriate moment," she said.

Consulting Astrologers: Tomorrow Is A Mystery


From the early age of her marriage, Princess Diana had consulted psychics, mystics and stargazers.


The Princess took astrology seriously enough to be mocked in royal circles for her dedication to so called cranks. She had a special interest in this area, for only after her death has it become apparent just how chillingly she had predicted her future. 

A Truly Modern Mother: Putting Family First


Diana was determined to give her sons as normal an upbringing as possible, and provided a role model for modern parenting. As Diana never tired of telling her closest friends, William and Harry were the very reason for her existence and anything she might want to do with her life would always come a distant second to their needs and concerns.


"I would be lost without my sons," she once said, "and I will fight for them on every level so that they can reach their potential as human beings and in their public duties."

The Humanitarian Princess


The Princess of Wales was best known for her charity works. During her marriage, the Princess was president or patron of over 100 charities. She did much to publicize work on behalf of the homeless, the disabled, the children and people with Aids.


Loneliness, though, was hardly the only reason charitable pursuits suited Diana, who set up a trust in her name in 1981, so she could donate her own money.

The Ancestry Of Diana 


Understandably, a large proportion of Princess Diana's ancestors were of the upper social classes, including royalty and nobility. Titled in birth as Lady Diana, she descended from several European and continen­tal sovereigns, including two lines from illegitimate children of the Merry Monarch Charles II, as well as from an illegitimate daughter of James II. 


Diana's seven great-grandparents had mostly British Isles ancestry [English, Scottish, and Irish], ranging from illegitimate children of seventeenth-century English monarchs to nobility to gentry to middle-class Scots. There is European ancestry, too, notably Dutch, German, French, and Danish.