Call Me Diana: The Musical


The long-awaited for musical will come to life in Spring 2019 to shed light on the life and legacy of Diana, Princess of Wales. The changing scenes will mirror the poignant moments in the princess's life, the ups and downs of her marriage, her rise as a fashion icon and humanitarian, without giving any reference to royal scandals or the so called conspiracy theories.


The extraordinary work that is currently being placed on the musical's scenes and dialogue, and especially on the lyrics and songs reflect the evolution of the main character from a shy teenager, to a devoted mother and a heart-broken soul.


Song titles include: Can’t Take My Love Away, that will appear following a special scene depicting the Taj Mahal moment, I Can Only Dream, that will appear in a beautifully choreographed scene to reflect the main character's personal and professional aspirations as a royalty, and Love Double Cross, that will appear following a special scene depicting the Panorama interview - click here to hear sample songs


The musical production is being developed by talented writers and artists including: David Smart, one of the most prolific composers in TV advertising in the UK, Brian Watson, lyricist and award winning writer in the advertising industry, John DeGaetano, Broadway world’s nominee director, Richard Kay, a columnist and senior writer for the London Daily Mail and one of the late princess's close friends, and North Bay Stage Company production team.

Our princess's inspiring life story deserves an extraordinary portrayal. So, please support the production team and donate now to make this project happen. 


For more information and updates about the musical, please visit the official website, and the account page in Twitter.  

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